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Ludo Master New Ludo Game 2020 Available Here

Ludo Master New Ludo Game 2020 Available Here

The description of Ludo Master
Ludo Master is a new ludo recreation for free played between buddies and family.

🌟Reviews of Ludo Master.🌟
πŸ‘Ludo master is the most popular and exciting game.
πŸ‘It is the excellent sport to share the excellent interests and childhood memories with your friends.
πŸ‘If you are searching for something classic, then Ludo Master will be your fine choice.

🌟Features of Ludo Master.🌟
★ Online/Private Multiplayer Mode
Ludo Master is a board game performed between 2 to 6 players. You can play the game with your friends, household or in opposition to the computer.

★ Enjoyable but also challenging.
The gameplay is simple at first and will come to be immensely challenging as soon as you play with greater level players. 

★ Simple guidelines and convenient to play.
The guidelines are pretty simple; each and every participant receives 4 tokens, which are required to make a full turn of the board and make it to the finish line. And the one who first receives all 4 tokens will be deemed as the winner. 

✔Moreover, a player can move his/her token based on the quantity determined with the aid of casting a six-sided dice, and a token can solely cross out of their base with the aid of casting a six. However, once another player’s token lands on the equal region the place your token is, then your token will be sent back to your base and you have roll a six again.

✔Sounds interesting? Why not have a attempt now? Come and take the mission and be the biggest winner! Enjoy the real exciting of Ludo Master!

Ludo Master 3.4.7 Update

- Play with your family and friends!
- Enjoy the new ludo game 2019 for free!
★ Bugs fixed.
★ New mode added.
★ Graphics optimized.

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